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Nov 17, 2013 11:00pm PST
-- >> the visitors don't know it but jones has warned people against them calling the visitors evil, saying they will try to trick the people into leaving so that they can be thrown into prison back in the u.s. >> are you happy here? >> oh, i can say i am. i've never been any happier in my life. >> reporter: cob came to gayana to try to persuade her mother and two sisters to go back home. with no luck. >> i am trying to convince my family i'm not being held here against my will and i'm not trying to return at this time because i know i'm happy here and i know my mind. >> reporter: over the course of the day a dozen people gather their courage and say they want to leave. ryan's assistant jackie spier interviews the parks family. >> if i understand you, you two say you want to leave the jones town? >> yeah. >> reporter: jones feeling his power slipping away tries to talk the defectors out of leaving. >> i have no problem. even some that have lied they've come back. >> reporter: as the deif de -- defectors throw their belongings together, the atmosphere turns tense. some defectors are leaving
Nov 3, 2013 11:00pm PST
, but we'll do it on a voluntary basis. if you don't want to carry a card, you don't want the card, not a problem. but meanwhile they got this idea this sla pathetic group of losers that fachism was alive and well. >> reporter: sla members thought the assassination would be embraced by other radicals a monumental miscalculation. >> just shows they were clueless. they regarded marcus foster an as uncle tom. >> reporter: dan segal was a leftist taken one day blindfolded to a sacramento safe house. segal told them their politics were absurd. >> they killed somebody who was on the right side of things. >> reporter: two months after the shooting police arrested little and romero for murder and attempted murder. the next month other sla members kidnapped patty hurst. in part they said to take the attention away from the killing of marcus foster. >>> the abduction that gripped a nation. dennis richmond recalls the kidnapping of patty hurst. >>> plus how the sla hid out in plain sight as the nation's law enforcement searched for them. >>> welcome back to a second look. as the 40th annivers
Nov 24, 2013 11:00pm PST
overhead a conversation and i think that partially set him off. i don't know but over 20 years i thought a lot about it and this is actually my belief. >> reporter: dan white left home that morning to confront george masconi after learning he was going to appoint someone else to his old seat. before leaving home, he loaded his old police rifle. moments later masconi was dead and white headed for milk's office passing dianne feinstein on the way. >> all of a sudden the door opened and dan swept right by me and i said dan can you stop. and he said no i have to do something. >> he was on his way to see harvey. >> he was on his way to see harvey. i heard the door slam. i heard the shots. anddidn't know what they were. and i smelled the gun powder and dan quickly walked by me and said not now. and was out the door. >> reporter: a short while later white turned himself in to his old friend police inspector frank falzone. he made this confession on tape it was the only time the jury would hear his voice. >> he was talking and, nothing was getting through to me. it was just like a roaring in my
Nov 10, 2013 11:00pm PST
to remember, don't lean too far looking at something on the ground because you're airplane is going to turn in that direction. >> reporter: wiseman loaded up three newspapers and three letters and set off to make their first thráeufr reu. >> there - - their first delivery. the landing damaged his plane, he fixed it and waited overnight. 18miles, two days, but fred wiseman became the first of a remarkable codway of aviators. a few years later, the u.s. finding that it is overstocked with war planes, they began scheduling air flights regardless of weather. breezos followed rail ways and. it was dangerous business. 32 pilots one out of six who flew the mail died trying to deliver it. >> very dangerous. very dangerous because they had the same motto. rain, snow, sleet or hail. and they would go flying in that type of weather. >> in 1931, congress considered blocking the airmail. simultaneous air flights between new york and san francisco. they flew at night in sports. remember they had no navigation equipment. one plane crashed the pilot died but the mail continued in another airplane. six ba
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4